WhenMay 18, 2017 04:30 PM
WhereCochrane-Woods Art Center 157
Contact InformationArt History Department
DescriptionDisplaying “German Greatness” in Nazi Germany:
the Exhibition Deutsche Größe (1940-1942)

William J. Diebold
Jane Neuberger Goodsell Professor of Art History and Humanities
Reed College

Although it is not well known, the cultural-historical exhibition Deutsche Größe (“German Greatness” or “Grandeur”) was the most important museum display of the Nazi Era. The show’s subject was the history of Germany from the early Middle Ages until the assumption of power by Adolf Hitler. Deutsche Größe was supported at the highest levels of the Nazi Party and its presentation of history was frankly ideological, but the show expressed that ideology through a series of ambitious and innovative display techniques. This lecture presents the exhibition, describes how it came about, and how it worked to shape an understanding of history that would serve Nazi goals. Special attention is paid to Deutsche Größe’s display of the art and culture of the Middle Ages, an area of history that was especially fraught and problematic for the National Socialists.
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