Chicago Art Journal: v. 17 (2007)


Chicago Art Journal, Volume 17, Fall 2007

Editors: Michael Tymkiw and Christina Yu

22 Robin Schuldenfrei: The Bauhaus and the Bürger

36 Jonathan Applefield: From Art Market to Supermarket: The Art of Robert Watts

56 Ian Bourland: Graffiti’s Discursive Spaces

86 Art Editor’s Statement 
88 Hyun Na
96 Mia Brownell

104 Christina Yu: Waste Not: An Interview with Song Dong
112 Jessica Levin Martinez and Michael Tymkiw: On the Need to Consume: An Interview with Manthia Diawara 

128 Lisa Jaye Young: Endless Supply: Felix Gonzalez-Torres Retrospective
136 Christina Chang: From the Gap Between Art and Life to the Plexiglas between Art and Life: Robert Rauschenberg: Combines 142 Eleanor S. Hyun: Close Reading: Experiencing Kim Jongku’s Mobile Landscapes

153 Notes for Contributors