Shana Cooperstein


Shana Cooperstein specializes in the art of the long nineteenth century, particularly as this concerns the material practices of artistic production, representational theory, and the history of scientific imaging. As demonstrated by her publications in LeonardoGrey Room, and, among others, her interdisciplinary scholarship is motivated by unresolved questions about the role of human sense perception in the development of art-making strategies. “Habit’s Demise: Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France," a book manuscript she is currently developing from her doctoral research, examines schematization, the education of the eye, and other problems central to the history of art instruction in the modern era.

Cooperstein joined the department as a Lecturer after concluding a one-year post as Visiting Lecturer in the Art Department at Community College of Philadelphia. Her research has been supported by The Osler Library of the History of Medicine, the Institut Français d’Amérique, Media@McGill, The Wolfe Chair Graduate Fellowship in Scientific and Technological Literacy, and The Max Stern Museum Fellowship.


“Putting Cultural Customs on the ‘Line:’ Félix Régamey, Japonisme, and National Art Education,” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 19, no. 1 (Spring 2020):


“The Values of Insurance,” Grey Room, 74 (Winter 2019): 120-145. From François Ewald, “Les valeurs de l’assurance,” in Encyclopédie de l’assurance, 399-424 (Paris: Economica, 1998). Translation. 


“Imagery and Astronomy: An Analysis of the Visual Precedents and Elements of (Re)productivity Informing Depictions of the Orion Nebula,” Leonardo/ISAST, vol. 47, no. 2 (April 2014), 129-134.



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