Wu Hung

Wu Hung

Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the College; Director, Center for the Art of East Asia; Consulting Curator, Smart Museum of Art
274 Cochrane-Woods Art Center

Ph.D. Harvard University - Early Chinese Art. Special research interests include relationships between visual forms (architecture, bronze vessels, pictorial carvings and murals, etc.) and ritual, social memory, and political discourses.

Selected Publications

  • Art of the Yellow Spring: Rethinking East Asian Tombs. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, in progress).
  • 3000 Years of Chinese Sculpture, 2006 co-author, (New Haven and Beijing: Yale University Press and China Foreign Languages Press).
  • Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture, 2005 co-editor, (Cambridge: Mass.: Harvard University East Asian Publication).
  • Liyi zhongde meishu (Art in its ritual context), 2 vols., (Beijing: Sanlian shudian).
  • Between Han and Tang: Visual and Material Culture in a Transformative Period, 2003 editor, (Beijing: Wenwu Publishing House. (Chinese and English)).
  • "Rethinking East Asian Tombs: A Methodological Proposal," ed. Elizabeth Cropper, Dialogues in Art History (Washington, D. C., Center for Advance Study in the Visual Arts, work in progress).
  • "On Tomb Figurines - The Beginning of a Visual Tradition," in Wu Hung and Katherine Mino, ed., Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture, (2005).
    2004 "Dunhuang 323 ku yu chu Tang fojiao" (Dunhuang Cave 323 and Early Tang Buddhism), in Sarah Fraser, ed., Tang Song de fojiao yu shehui: Siyuan caifu yu shisu gongyang (Merit, Opulence, and the Buddhist Network of Wealth).
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  • Remaking Beijing: Tianmen Square and the Creation of Political Space, (London and Chicago: Reaktion Books and University of Chicago Press, 2005).
  • Phantasmagoria: Recent Photographs by Miao Xiaochun, (Chicago: Walsh Gallery, 2004).
  • Rong Rong and inri: Tui-Transfiguration, (Beijing and Hong Kong: Timezone 8, 2004).
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  • "Gu Wenda Tangshi houzhu de 'jinianbei xing' he 'fan jinianbei xing'" (Monumentality and anti-monumentality in Wenda Gu's Forest of Stone Steles), in Wenhua fanyi: Gu Wenda Beilin - Tangshi houzhu (Cultural translation: Wenda Gu's Forest of Stone Steles - Retranslation and Rewriting of Tang poetry), (Guangzhou: Lingnan chubanshe, 2005,) pp. 294-301. An English version of the article (translated by Mao Weidong) is in (Yishu, December 2005,) pp. 51-58.
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  • "Refashioning 'Water and Ink': On Materiality in Contemporary Chinese Art," in Rethinking of Orientalness in Visual Art, East-West Interculture Comparative Studies III. (Seoul: Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Seoul National University, and Society of Contemporary Art Scient, 2004,) pp. 141-56.
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  • "Three Persistent Individualists," (Art AsiaPacific 37, 2003,) pp. 91-93.

Ph.D. Harvard University - Early Chinese Art.