Dissertations Completed

Students are listed by year of defense.

Tamar MayerConsequences of Drawing: Self and History in Jacques-Louis David's Preparatory Practices
Marin Save-TarrSeizing the Everyday: Lettrist Film and the French Postwar Avant-Garde
Jennifer Rose CohenSurrealism and the Art of Consumption
Jie ShiThe Mancheng Tombs: Shaping the Afterlife of the 'Kingdom within the Mountains' in Western Han China (206BCE-8CE)
Daniel PhillipsKazimir Malevich and Russian Modernism
Emily CapperAllan Kaprow and the Dialectics of Instruction, 1947-1968
Rachel RossnerGreat Expectations: The South Slavs in the Paris Salon Canvases of Jaoslav Čermák and Vlaho Bukovac
Victoria Salinger"Writing Calculations, Calculating Writing": The Art of Hanne Darboven
Ingrid GreenfieldA Moveable Continent: Collecting Africa in Renaissance Italy
Kelli WoodThe Art of Play: Games in Early Modern Italy
Quincy NganThe Materiality of Azurite Blue and Malachite Green in the Age of the Chinese Colorist Qiu Ying (ca. 1498-ca.1552)
Adrian AnagnostContested Spaces: Art and Urbanism in Brazil
Kristine LarisonMt. Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine:  Place and Space in Pilgrimage Art
Rainbow PorthePlanctus Provinciae: Arts of Mourning in Fifteenth-Century Provence
Anna LeeAmateurs: Photography and the Aesthetics of Vulnerability
Nicola Jane BarhamOrnament and Art Theory in Ancient Rome: An Alternative Classical Paradigm for the Visual Arts
Angele RosenbergThe Soft Style: Youth and Nudity in Classical Greece
Stephanie SuEntangled Modernities: The Representation of China's Past in Early Twentieth Century Chinese and Japanese Art
Nancy LinRepresenting Difference: Early 20th Century Japanese and Korean Art
Irene BackusAsia Materialized: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence
Rachel JansArt on the Border: Galerie René Block and Cold War West Berlin
Michelle MaydanchikCreative Disruption: Contemporary Russian Performance Art
Ann Patnaude
Locating Identity: Mixed Inscriptions and Multiple Media in Greek Art, ca. 630–336 BCE
Matt SabaEphemeral Monument, Lasting Impression: The Abbasid Dar al-Khilafa Palace of Samarra
Maggie TaftMaking Danish Modern, 1945–1960
Kris Ercums
Exhibiting Modernity: National Art Exhibitions in China during the Early Republican Period, 1911–1937
Julia Langbein
Salon Caricature in Second Empire Paris
Phil Lee
Art Photography and the Contentions of Contemporary Art: Rhetoric, Practice, and Reception
Seunghye LeeArts of Enshrining: The Making of Relics and Bodies in Chinese and Korean Buddhist Art from the 10th to the 14th Centuries
Mia Liu
The Literati Lenses: Wenren Landscape in Chinese Cinema
Iva OlahThe Civic Cornucopia of Ornament: The Florentine Picture Chronicle’s (1470–75) Somatic Visioning of the Festive City in the time of Lorenzo de’ Medici
Jill Shaw
A Coat that Doesn't Fit: Jean Dubuffet in Retrospect, 1944–1951
Freida High W. Tesfagiorgis
Ben Enwonwu: His Life, Images, Education, and Art in the Context of British Colonialism in Nigeria
Lawrence Michael TymkiwNational Socialist Exhibition Design, Spectatorship, and the Fabrication of Volksgemeinschaft
Lisa ZaherBy Mind and Hand: Hollis Frampton’s Photographic Modernism
Sun-ah ChoiQuest for the True Visage: Sacred Images in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Art and the Concept of zhen
Nancy FeldmanTowards a New Reading of Aumônières
Catherine StuerDimensions of Place: Map, Itinerary, and Trace in Images of Nanjing
Ian BourlandDifferent Objects: Repositioning the Work of Four ‘African Diaspora Artists’
Julia OrellPicturing the Yangzi River: Particular Landscapes in Southern Song China
Evelyn Carmen RamosA Painter of Cuban Life: Victor Patricio de Landaluze and Nineteenth-Century Cuban Politics
Ana Maria ReyesArt at the limits of Modernization: The Artistic Production of Beatriz González 1962–1978
Christina YuBuilding a Community through Painting: Fourteenth-Century Chinese Scholars
Kerry BoeyeMutable Authority: Reimaging King Solomon in Medieval Psalm Illustration
Kris CohenThe Aesthetics of Encounter (Mediated Intimacies in Recent Art)
Ingrid ElliottDomestic Arts: Amelia Peláez and the Cuban Vanguard (1935–1945)
Harper MontgomeryRebellious Conformists: Avant-Garde Exhibitions in Mexico City and Buenos Aires
Christa RobbinsPrivacy and Abstraction: American Painting, Late Modernism, and the Phenomenal Self
Galina TirnanicThe Art of Punishment: The Spectacle of the Body on the Streets of Constantinople
Peggy WangResponding to the World: Contemporary Chinese Art and the Global Exhibitionary Culture in the 1990s
Jeffrey SaletnikPedagogy, Modernism, and Medium Specificity: The Bauhaus and John Cage
Sarah MillerInventing 'Documentary' in American Photography, 1930–1945
Joyce ChengMasks and Puppets: Metamorphosis and Depersonalization in European Avant-Garde Art Criticism, 1915–1939
Christine HahnTracing the Texture of Stone: Unearthing the Origins of Modern Korean Painting from the Archaeological Remains of the Past  
Chriscinda HenryBuffoons, Rustics, and Courtesans: Low Painting and Entertainment Culture in Renaissance Venice
Dawna SchuldNothing to Look at: Art as Situation and its Neuro-Psychological Implications  
Cristina GonzalezLandscapes of Conversion: Franciscan Politics and Sacred Objects in Late Colonial Mexico
Kristine NielsenGestures of Iconoclasm: East Berlin's Political Monuments from the Late German Democratic Republic to Postunified Berlin
Eileen MichalPicture-Loving: Photomechanical Reproduction and Celebrity in America’s Gilded Age
Committee: J. Snyder, M. Ward, T. Gunning
Stacy HandAbstraction and Einfühlung: Biomorphic Fantasy and Embodied Aesthetics in the work of Hermann Obrist, August Endell and their Followers
Committee: R. Heller, T. Gunning, M. Ward, A. Waenerberg
Jeehee HongTheatricalizing Death in Performance Images of Mid-Imperial China
Committee: Wu Hung, J. Zeitlin, P. Foong, R. Zorach
Lia MarkeyA Vicarious Conquest of Art and Nature at the Medici Court
Committee: C. Cohen, R. Zorach, C. Bergellini
Christina NormoreAn Eye for the Feast in Late Medieval Burgundy
Committee: R. Zorach, L. Seidel, J. Elsner
Rebecca ReynoldsSculpture Parks, Sculpture Gardens, and Site Specific Practices in the US, 1965-1991
Committee: M. Ward, W.J.T. Mitchell, K. Taylor
Alexandra KoreyPutti, Pleasure, and Pedagogy in Sixteenth-Century Italian Prints and Decorative Arts
Committee: C. Cohen, R. Zorach, S. Matthews-Grieco
Celka StraughnJewish Expressionism: The Making of Modern Jewish Art in Berlin
Committee: R. Heller, L. Auslander, S. Gilman
Yudong WangFigures en buste in Medieval China: Three Studies
Committee: Wu Hung, H. Thomsen, D. Stevenson
Paroma ChatterjeeNarrating Sanctity: The Narrative Icon in Byzantium and Italy
Committee: R. Nelson, Wu Hung, J. Elsner
Ellen AndrewBodies of the Avant-Garde: Modern Dance and the Plastic Arts, 1890-1930
Committee: M. Ward, T. Gunning, R. Heller
Karl DebreczenyEthnicity and Esoteric Power: Negotiating Sino-Tibetan Synthesis in Ming Painting
Committee: Wu Hung, E. Sperling, J. Purtle, M. Kapstein
Patrick HajovskyOn the Lips of Others: Fame and the Transformation of Moctezuma's Image
Committee: T. Cummins, E. Umberger, C. Cohen, R. Zorach
Delin LaiChinese Modern: Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum as a Crucible for Defining Modern Chinese Architecture
Committee: Wu Hung, K. Taylor, X. Tang
Allison MoreheadCreative Pathologies: French Experimental Psychology and Symbolist Avant-Gardes, 1889-1900
Committee: M. Ward, R. Heller, J. Goldstein
Anne StephensonRebuilding Bungalows: Home Improvement and the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative
Committee: K. Taylor, N. Harris, M. Conzen
Matthew HunterRobert Hooke Fecit: Making and Knowing in Restoration London
Committee: J. Snyder, K. Rorschach, R. Delue
Yun-Chiahn SenaAntiquity to Antiquarianism: Chinese Discourses on Antiquity from the Tenth to Thirteenth Century
Committee: Wu Hung, B. Stafford, J. Purtle
Erin Hazard'Realized Day-Dreams': Excursions to Authors' Homes
Committee: K. Taylor, E. Helsinger, M. Ward
Joy BeckmanLayers of Being: Bodies, Objects, and Spaces in Warring States Burials
Committee: Wu H., R. T. Neer, D. Harper
Wei-Cheng LinBuilding a Sacred mountain: Buddhist Monastic Architecture in Mt. Wutai during the Tang Dynast, 618-907 C.E.
Committee: Wu H., K. Taylor, C. Yen 
Rachel RemmelThe Origins of the American School Building: Boston Public School Architecture, 1800-1860
Committee: K. Taylor, T. Gunning, N. Harris
Maki Fukuoka Between Seeing and Knowing: Shifting Standards of Accuracy and the Concept of Shashin in Japan, 1830-1872
Committee: T. Gunning, J. Snyder, T. Najita 
Winston Kyan The Body and the Family: Filial Piety and Buddhist Art in Late Medieval China
Committee: Wu H., L. Seidel, D. Harper 
Anthony Raynsford Sites of Lost Dwelling: The Figure of the Archaic City in the Discourses of Urban Design, 1938-1970.
Committee: K. Taylor, W.J.T. Mitchell, D. Cuff
Carmen FernandezImages and Memory: The Construction of Collective Identities in Seventeenth-Century Quito
Committee: T. Cummins, L. Voigt, L. Seidel
Lisa PincusExperiment in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting: The Art of Carel Fabriitus
Committee: L. Seidel, B. Stafford, C. Brusati
Ken AllanMaking the Scene: Assemblage, Pop Art and Locality in 1960s Los Angeles
Committee: M. Ward, WJT Mitchell, D.Nelson
Ray HernandezReframing Viceregal Painting in Nineteenth-Century Mexico: Politics, The Academy of San Carlos, and Colonial Art History
Committee: T. Cummins, S. Widdifield, M. Ward
Lenore MetrickCollecting Objects/Excluding People: Chinese Subjects and the American Art Discourse, 1870-1900
Committee: W. Doniger, R. Heller, Wu H. 
Allie TerryPolitics on the Cloister Walls: Fra Angelico and His Humanist Observers at San Marco
Committee: C. Cohen, R. Nelson, I. Rowland
Angela VolanLast Judgments and Last Emperors: Illustrating Apocalyptic History in Late and Post-Byzantine Art
Committee: R. Nelson, L. Seidel, C. Fisher
Amy BingamanI Cannot Paint You But I Love You: Portraiture and the Pre-Raphaelite Search for the Ideal-Elizabeth Siddall, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Jane Burden, and William Morris
Committee: E. Helsinger, L. Berlant, R. Heller
James BrunsonThe Moor's Last Sigh: Boabdil and the Black Image in American Orientalism, 1816-1893.
Committee: W.J.T. Mitchell, D. Engish, B. Brown, R. Neer
Josh EllenbogenPhotography and the Imperceptible: Bertillon, Galton, Marey
Committee: J. Snyder, M. Ward, T. Gunning
Emily GodbeyRubbernecking and the Business of Disaster
Committee: J. Snyder, T. Gunning, B. Brown
Stephanie LeitchBetter than the Prodigies: The Prints of Hans Burgkmair, Jorg Breu, and the Marvels of the New World
Committee: L. Seidel, R. Zorach, T. Cummins
Rachel LindheimRepresenting Sappho: The Classical Tradition in Nineteenth-Century French Painting
Committee: M. Ward, J. Snyder, J. Goldstein
Georgi ParpulovToward a History of Byzantine Psalters
Committee: R. Nelson, H. Maguire, E. Gertsman
Matt CanepaThe Two Eyes of the Earth: Competition and Exchange in the Art and Ritual of Kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran
Committee: R. Nelson, B. Lincoln, J. Purtle
Naomi HumeContested Cubisms: Transformations of the Czech Avant Garde, 1910-1914
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, M. Sternstein
Sonya LeeNirvana Imagery in Medieval Chinese Art
Committee: Wu H., R. Nelson, B. Faure
Hajime NakataniBodies and Signs in Medieval China
Committee: Wu H., P. Friedrich, J. Kelly, A. Yu, J. Purtle
Sabine WieberDesigning the Nation: Neo-Northern Renaissance Interiors and the Politics of Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany, 1876-1888
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, L. Auslander, M. Makela 
Nancy BuchwaldAnxious Embodiments: Revenants of American Jewish Masculinities in Barnett Newman's 'Stations of the Cross'
Committee: R. Heller, B. Stafford, S. Gilman
Matthew JohnstonSurveying the Nation in Time: Landscape in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture
Committee: M. Ward, T. Gunning, B. Brown
Kate LingleyWidows, Monks, Magistrates, and Concubines: Social Dimensions of Sixth-Century Buddhist Art Patronage
Committee: Wu H., L. Seidel, J. Purtle
Craig A. HansonEmbodying Erudition: English Art, Medicine, and Antiquarianism in the Age of Empiricism
Committee: B. Stafford, K. Rorschach, C. Gibson-Wood 
Elizabeth Amy LiebmanPainting Natures: Buffon and the Art of the 'Histoire Naturelle'
Committee: B. Stafford, R. Richards, I. Rowland, J. Loveland
Bonnie ChengFabricating Life Out of Death: Sixth Century Funerary Monuments and the Negotiation of Cultural Traditions
Committee: Wu H., L. Seidel, T. Cummins
Anne EatonTitian's Rape of Europa: The Intersection of Ethics and Aesthetics
Committee: R. Pippin, L. Seidel, T. Cohen, M. Nussbaum, C. Cohen
Dana KatzPainting with Violence: The Representation of Jews in the Italian Renaissance Courts
Committee: C. Cohen, Mendes-Flores, T. Cummins
Dawn Odell'The Soul of Transactions': Illustrated Travels and Representations of China in the Seventeenth Century
Committee: L. Seidel, Wu H., T. Cummins, J. Purtle
Cecily HilsdaleDiplomacy by Design: Rhetorical Strategies of the Byzantine Gift
Committee: R. Nelson, T. Cummins, L. Seidel
Matt ShoafImage, Envy, Power: Art and Communal Life in the Age of Giotto
Committee: L. Seidel, R. Nelson, E. Weaver, T. Cummins, M. Camille
Elizabeth SiegelGalleries of Friendship and Fame: The History of Nineteenth-Century American Photograph Albums
Committee: J. Snyder, T. Gunning, M. Ward
Helene SroatConstructing Aesthetic Experience: Yale's Art & Architecture Building, Brutalism and the Search for Humanist Modern Architecture in Postwar United States
Committee: K. Taylor, M. Ward, N. Harris
Adam Jolles Curating Surrealism: The Avant-Garde in Exhibition, 1925-1938
Committee: M. Ward, J. Snyder, WJT Mitchell
Riccardo MarchiPure Painting in Berlin, 1912-1913: Boccioni, Kandinsky and Delaunay at Der Sturm
Committee: R. Heller, WJT Mitchell, M. Ward, J. Snyder
Christina NielsonHoc Opus Eximium: Artistic Patronage in the Ottonian Empire
Committee: L. Seidel, R. Nelson, M. Camille, H. Westermann-Angerhhusen
Jacqueline TuerkHow to do Things with Words and Images in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Committee: R. Nelson, L. Seidel, M. Camille, C. Farone
Elizabeth Bloom AveryNew Deal Photography and the Campaign for Public Housing
Committee: J. Snyder, K. Taylor, T. Gunning
Ann Marie YasinCommemorating the Dead - Constructing the Community: Church Space, Furnary Monuments and Saints' Cults in Late Antiquity
Committee: R. Nelson, L. Seidel, G. Pinney
Marian BleekeSituating Sheela-na-gigs: The Female Body and Social Significance in Romanesque Sculpture
Committee: L. Seidel, M. Camille, T. Cummins
Katherine HaskinsGood Impressions of Good Things: The Art Journal Print and the Craft of Connecting in Mid-Victorian Britain
Committee: B. Stafford, M. Ward, J. Snyder
Lisa Deam Mapping the Past: The Fleur des Histoires (Brussels, Biblioteque Royale Mss. 9231-9232) in the Context of Fifteenth-Century Burgundian Historiography
Committee: M. Camille, L. Seidel, G. Pinney
Courtney Gilbert The (New) World in the Time of the Surrealists: European Surrealists and Their Mexican Contemporaries
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, T. Cummins
Lisa MeyerowitzExhibiting Equality: Black-Run Museums and Galleries in 1970's New York
Committee: M. Ward, R. Heller, E. Alexander
Karen CarterL'age de L'affiche: The Reception, Display, and Collection of Illustrated Posters in fin-de-siecle Paris
Committee: M. Ward, R. Heller, T. Gunning
Rebecca DeRoo Private Objects, Public Insitutions: French Art and the Reinvention of the Museum, 1968-1978
Committee: M. Ward, J. Snyder, K. Trumpener
Mark Hinchman African Rococo: House and Portrait in Eighteenth-Century Senegal
Committee: B. Stafford, R. Austin, I. Okoye
Nancy Kipp Smith Renaissance City Gates of the Veneto
Committee: E. Rosenthal, C. Cohen, I. Rowland
Anna Arnar Livre D'Artiste, Critical Instrument, Performance: Stephane Mallarme and the Book
Committee: B. Stafford, M. Ward, R. Heller
Rebecca HouzeFashion, Disguise and Transformation: Origins of the Modern Art Movement in Vienna, 1897-1914
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, S. Gilman
Michael Schreffler Art & Allegiance in Baroque New Spain
Committee: T. Cummins, L. Seidel, E. Umberger
Anne Harris The Spectacle of Stained Glass in Modern France and Medieval Chartres: a History of Practice and Perception
Committee: L. Seidel, M. Camille, T. Cummins
Erin Hogan Traveling with the Eye: The Sites and Spaces of Modern Art in New York, 1915-1950
Committee: M. Ward, R. Heller, M. Leja
Barbara Jaffee The Abstraction Within: Diagrammatic Impulses in Twentieth Century Ameican Art and Art Historical Pedagogy
Committee: M. Ward, J. Snyder, B. Stafford
Michael MacKenzie Maschinenmenschen: Images of the Body as a Machine in the Art and Culture of Weimar Germany
Committee: R. Heller, J. Snyder, K. Trumpener
Anna Brzyski-Long Redefining the Modernist Paradigm: Modern Art and Nationalism in Fin de Siecle Poland
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, E. Helsinger
Rebecca Zorach The Figuring of Excess in French Renaissance Art
Committee: M. Camille, L. Seidel, L. Berlant
Paula Lee The Logic of the Bones: Architecture and the Anatomical Sciences at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 1793-1889
Committee: K. Taylor, M. Ward, J. Goldstein
John RiccoFag-o-sites: Minor Architecture and Geopolitics of Queer Everyday Life
Committee: WJT Mitchell, M. Camille, E. Povinelli
Daniel ConnollyImagined Pilgrimage in Gothic Art: Maps, Manuscripts, and Labyrinths
Commitee: L. Seidel, M. Camille, T. Cummins
Julie JohnsonThe Art of the Woman: Women's Art Exhibitions in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, K. Taylor
Claudia MeschProblems of Rememblance in Postwar German Performance Art
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, A. Rorimer
Woodman TaylorVisual Culture in Performative Practice: The Aesthetics, Politics and Poetics of Visuality in Liturgical Practices of the Vallabha Sampradaya Hindu Community at Kota
Committee: L. Seidel, S. Pollock, Wu H. 
Stephanie D'AlessandroUber Alles die Liebe: The History of Sexual Imagery in the Art and Culture of the Weimar Republic
Committee: R. Heller, K. Trumpener, S. Gilman
Alison PearlmanUnpacking the 1980s: A History of Artistic Trends in New York
Committee: M. Ward, WJT Mitchell, R. Heller
Britt SalvesenSelling Sight: Stereoscopy in Mid-Victorian Britain
Committee: J. Snyder, M. Ward, M. Sandberg
Levi Smith IIIObjects of Memory: The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and the Memory of the War
Committee: M. Ward, WJT Mitchell, K.Taylor
Adrienne KochmanRussian Emigre Artists in Munich 1890-1914: Cultural Mission and the Development of Artistic Identity
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, M.Gever
Marina BelozarskayaBurgundian Arts Across Europe: New Paradigms for the Fifteenth Century
Committee: M. Camille, C. Coen, J. Hand
Sue TaylorThe Anatomy of Anxiety: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Work of Hans Bellmer
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, J. Snyder, S. Gilman
Ikumi KaminishiEtoki: The Art and Rhetoric of Pictorial Exegesis
Committee: H. Vanderstappen, N. Field
Pamela Loos-NojiThe Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins in Twelfth-Century Art: Alternative Approaches to Visual Imagery
Committee: L. Seidel, M. Camille, R. Nelson
T. Kimball BrookerUpright Works: The Emergence of the Vertical Library in the Sixteenth Century
Committee: E. Rosenthal, M. Camille, P. Saenger
Katherine MinoBodies of Budhas and Princes at the Xiangtangshan Caves – Image, Text and Stupa in Budhist Art of the Northern Qu Dynasty (550-577)
Committee: H. Vanderstappen, Wu H., T. Lawton
Sura LevineMonumental Transformations: The Changing Status of Constantin Muenier's Monument to Labor
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, F. Meltzer
Rafael ChaconMichelangelism in Spanish Art of the Sixteenth Century
Committee: E. Rosenthal, C. Cohen, I. Wardropper
Karen Rose MathewsThey Wished to Destroy the Temple of God: Responses to Diego Gelmirez's Cathedral Construction in Santiago de Compostella, 1110-1140
Committee: M. Camille, R. Nelson, B. Abou-el-Haj
Bessie R. YarboroughExhibition Strategies and Wartime Politics in the Art and Career of Edvard Munch, 1914-1921
Committee: R. Heller, M. Ward, M. Postone
Athene ReissThe Sunday Christ: A Church Wall Painting Subject in Fifteenth-Century England
Committee: R. Nelson, M. Camille, P. Binski
Elisabeth RodiniTranslatio Sancti Marci: Displaying the Levant in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Art
Committee: L. Seidel, T. Cummins, E. Weaver, C. Cohen
Mitchell MerbackLucas Cranach the Elder's Martydom of the Twelve Apostles: Punishment, Penal Themes and Spectacle in his Early Graphic Art
Committee: M. Camille, L. Seidel, L. Silver
Pamela KingsburySo Noble a Fabrik: Chiswick: Lord Burlinton's Architectural Theory and Practice
Committee: J. Newman, E. Rosenthal, F. Dowley
Hannah HigginsEnversioning Fluxus: A Venture into Whose Fluxus, Where and When
Committee: R. Heller, WJT Mitchell, C. Harrison