Jin Xu

Research Interests 
Art and Architecture of East and Central Asia, Arts on the Silk Road, Global Art History
Current Student
Short Bio 

Jin Xu studies history of art and architecture on the Silk Road, with a focus on the arts and culture of the Xianbei (proto-Mongols) and the Sogdians (an Eastern Iranian people). His dissertation discusses sarcophagi of the Northern Dynasties (386-581 CE), a politically divisive but culturally brilliant period in Chinese history; it explores how people of different ethnicities, cultures, and social classes, expressed distinct identities through materials such as clay, textiles, precious metals, and above all, stone. 

His professional experiences include:  instructor of self-designed undergraduate courses “The Arts of China” (Honorable Mention for Excellence in Course Design Award) and “Materiality and Spirituality in Chinese Art ”(Chicago Objects Study Initiative Seminar at the Art Institute of Chicago), Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow at the Art Institute of Chicago, associate producer of the BBC documentary “The Art of China,” student assistant of Xiangtangshan/Tianlongshan Digital Caves Projects, and teaching assistant for various undergraduate and high school courses at the University of Chicago.                 

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