VMPEA: Jianpeng Wei

Jianpeng Wei, Visiting Student, Ph.D candidate,
Department of Archaeology, Sichuan University
“敦煌维摩诘经变的结构性演变 [Structural Evolution of Vimalakirti Sutra Illustration in Dunhuang]”
*Please note: This talk will be conducted in Chinese

VMPEA: Corey Byrnes

Corey Byrnes, Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Literature
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Northwestern University
“Defining the Chinese Landscape of Desolation in Teaching and Research”
Co-sponsored with Art & Politics of East Asia Workshop

VMPEA: Katherine Tsiang

Katherine Tsiang, Associate Director
Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago
Department of Art History, University of Chicago
“Yungang to Longmen Transition? New Perspectives on Reading the Evidence”

RAVE: Cybele Tom

Special Event - Cybele Tom, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Objects Conservation, The Art Institute of Chicago

RAVE: Rana Choi

Rana Choi, Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Comparative Literature

RAVE: Open Studios with MFA Students

Special Event - Open Studios with MFA students in the Department of Visual Arts in the Logan Center Studio Clusters

RAVE: Angie Epifano

Angie Epifano, PhD student, Department of Art History

RAVE: Claudia Brittenham

Claudia Brittenham, Associate Professor, Department of Art History

Urban Art and the Network: Data Symposium

How does data, which has shaped the urban environment and the ways we inhabit cities as individuals and as collectivities, advance intelligent urbanization? In an era when data analysis so thoroughly informs urban design, urban policy, and urban development, how can we understand the questions it raises and the questions it evades? And how can artistic or design practices defamiliarize the dynamics by which data forms and transforms the urban?

Revolutionary Imagination: Chicago Surrealism from Object to Activism

In conjunction with the Arts Club of Chicago’s summer exhibition A Home for Surrealism, this two-day program will explore the legacy of Surrealism in Chicago in all of its dimensions, from histories of collecting and display to surrealist artistic practices. In a series of lectures and discussions, a set of international scholars and historical practitioners of Surrealism will examine the movement’s story in Chicago from the standpoint of local art institutions and activist politics alike.