CAMPUS RESOURCES The University of Chicago campus houses a number of institutions and websites that are often visited by both students and faculty. These include bookshops, language examination, and the Registrar. Here is a selection:

GRADUATE STUDENT AFFAIRS These sites below include useful information for graduate students on academic and financial matters and campus life.

LOCAL RESEARCH COLLECTIONS/CENTERS The University of Chicago has a long tradition with the visual arts. Here are some of the campus institutions that have participated in the past with the faculty and students of the art history department.

MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES The Chicago area is richly endowed with both art collections and with institutions dealing with the visual arts. Here are some of the local institutions that have figured importantly in the life of the art history department and its faculty and students.

LIBRARIES A short list of a couple of the key libraries in the community with large collections of art history related resources. Departmental students enjoy full access to these institutions; please contact the staff in the Regenstein Library for details.

UNIVERSITIES Some of the other art-related department in other Chicago universities. The University of Chicago art history department often engages in projects with these institutions.

ONLINE TEXTS AND DICTIONARIES These links are some of a growing list of internet sites that have become useful in the field of art history.