Former Members

The faculty who founded and developed the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago have also had a profound impact on the field of Art History at large. Here are some of the luminaries who have shaped the Department, presented in texts researched and written by former and current PhD students and listed by years in which they were first hired.


Emerson Howland Swift

Frank Bigelow Tarbell

George Breed Zug

James Henry Breasted


Edward Francis Rothschild

Franklin P. Johnson

John Shapley

Lucy Driscoll

Walter Sargent


G. Haydn Huntley

Ludwig F. Bachhofer

Ulrich Alexander Middeldorf


Edgar Wind

Edmund Giesbert

Francis H. Dowley

Margaret Rickert

Otto Georg Von Simson

Peter Heinrich von Blanckenhagen


Bertha H. Wiles

Earl E. Rosenthal

Harrie A. Vanderstappen

Joshua C. Taylor


Ann Konrad Knudsen

Edward A. Maser

Eleanor Greenhill

Harold Haydon

Herbert Leon Kessler

Jacques M. de Caso

John Rewald

Leonard J. Slatkes

Michael D. Taylor

Paul B. Moses

Paul Sprague

Pramod Chandra

Robert L. Scranton


C. Edson Armi

Charles Cohen

Giorgio Galansino

Harold Rosenberg

Joel Snyder

Joseph Connors

Kathleen J. Shelton

Linda Seidel

Louis J. Nathanson

Reinhold Heller

Richard Shiff

Robert Nelson

Thomas Crow


Andrew Morrogh

Ann Adams

Anne Burkus

Barbara M. Stafford

Ira Mark

Katherine Taylor

Martha Ward

Michael Camille


Elizabeth Helsinger

Eugene Wang

Gloria Pinney

Homi Bhabha

Ingrid Rowland

Kimberly Rorschach

Teri Edelstein

Thomas Cummins

Tom Gunning

W.J.T. Mitchell

Wu Hung

Yuri Tsivian