Transfer Credits

Up to four courses taken outside the University of Chicago may be counted towards the art history major, contingent on approval by the Director of Undergraduate studies (DUS).  Students planning to take courses outside the University are urged to consult with the DUS as they formulate their plans.  Students should also consult with their College advisor to be sure that they understand the University‚Äôs procedures for transfer credit.  See the College policy on transfer credits for more information.

While studying abroad, students are encouraged to keep excellent records: they will be required to submit the syllabus and all written work for each class in order to be considered for credit. Please note that some courses may be approved by the College but not by the major.

Students first apply for transfer credit from the College.  When this has been approved, students petition the Director of Undergraduate Studies in writing for credit for the major. The petition must include a cover letter with the title and description of the course, as well as the name and location of the institution. To the cover letter should be attached a syllabus and a written record of the work the student did for the course. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will review the work for each course individually, and determine if the course is applicable for credit in the major, and if so, where that credit should be applied.