Minori Egashira


Minori Egashira is a PhD candidate studying Meiji-period (1868–1912) sculpture and Japan’s artistic interactions with the world in modern and contemporary times. Her broader interests include East Asian sculptural art and other three-dimensional objects (i.e. okimono), World Fairs, and investigating non-orthodox narratives of Japanese Art History. She received her BA in Art History from Wake Forest University in 2014, and her MA in Japanese Humanities from Kyushu University in 2017.

Egashira has working experience at museums and galleries, some of which were done in Japan (Fukuoka City Museum and Kyushu National Museum). Her most significant contributions include her summer curatorial internship revolving around the preparation of the Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan (2016) exhibition at the St. Louis Art Museum, and the curatorial consultant position for the Moga: Modern Women & Daughters in 1930s Japan (2022) exhibition at Wrightwood 659. Furthermore, she worked as the Mellon Graduate Intern at the Smart Museum of Art for the 2021–22 academic year, and continues to gather and compile information for the upcoming exhibition on Meiji-period artworks (2023–2024).