Roko Rumora


Roko Rumora is a PhD candidate in Art History at the University of Chicago and the 2022-2023 Graduate Curatorial Intern in the Antiquities Department at the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA. Roko’s research investigates the evolution of sculptural display practices in the Roman Empire, with a focus on the interaction between statues and architectural space. His dissertation, “Spacing Statues: Interpreting Curatorial Interventions on Roman Aedicular Façades,” approaches the placement of statues into their architectural framework as a series of performative acts and examines the façades of civic buildings in Roman Asia Minor as sites where intersculptural relationships were continuously negotiated through additions, repairs, or rearrangements of statuary.

Roko has held curatorial positions at the Getty Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Oriental Institute Museum, where he curated the 2022 exhibition Making Sense of Marbles: Roman Sculpture at the OI with Kiersten Neumann. Born and raised in Croatia, Roko completed his BA in Art History at Columbia University.