Transatlantic Forum 2016: Culture-Art-Design-Society

Neubauer Collegium

Transatlantic Forum 2016: Culture-Art-Design-Society

Neubauer Center for Culture and Society

October 24-25 is a forum where policymakers and knowledge producers meet to forge and develop long-term partnerships, and to discover cross-disciplinary and groundbreaking new ideas. The forum was established in 2002, by Norway’s embassies in Washington and Ottawa to promote ST&I cooperation. It has since then developed into an important annual transatlantic arena.

In 2016, humanities and social sciences - and societal challenges - are at the core of the program. The sciences, innovation and business are included as the cross-disciplinary program develops. The 2016 Forum mission statement aligns with the vision of the University of Chicago’s Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, and is expressed as: “Finding human solutions to societal challenges”

Session 4 "Culture-Art-Design-Society" features faculty from Art History, Niall Atkinson and Ina Blom. For more details on venues and events please see the event website.