Seizing Jerusalem: The Architectures of Unilateral Unification

After seizing Jerusalem’s eastern precincts from Jordan at the conclusion of the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel unilaterally unified the city and plunged into an ambitious building program, eager to transform the very meaning of one of the world’s most emotionally charged urban spaces. The goal was as simple as it was controversial: to both Judaize and modernize Jerusalem. Prof.

Medieval Studies: Thomas Burman

Thomas Burman, Professor and Robert M. Conway Director, Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame

Title TBA

This event is co-sponsored by the Early Modern and Mediterranean Worlds Workshop.

Medieval Studies: David Orsbon

David Orsbon, PhD Candidate, Classics and Comparative Literature

Tentative title: “Bernard Silvestris, Integumentum, and the Person of Natura”

Medieval Studies: Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, PhD Candidate, History

“‘The Lords, Knights, and Cities’: The Estates and Assembly in their Institutional Context”

Medieval Studies: Boccaccio’s Painters

Boccaccio’s Painters


Zygmunt Baranski (Notre Dame; Univ. of Cambridge), "Humble Giotto and Pharisaic Forese: Boccaccio's Decameron VI.5"

Justin Steinberg (Romance Languages and Literatures, UChicago), "The Artist and the Police: Calandrino's Invisibility and the Legal Fictions of Decameron 8.3"

This event is co-sponsored by RAVE and the Early Modern and Mediterranean Worlds Workshop.

Medieval Studies: Sam Baudinette

Sam Baudinette, PhD Student, History of Christianity 

“Tetragrammatic Translation: Maimonidean Arguments about the Divine Names in the Christian Hebraism of Ramon Martí and Meister Eckhart”

Medieval Studies: Lucy Pick

Lucy Pick, Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Faculty in History

"Don’t You Forget About Me: Memory, Gift and Death in the Early Spanish Kingdoms”

Careers in University Museums: A Conversation with Alison Gass (Director, Smart Museum) and Christina Olsen (Director, U-M Museum of Art)

Are you interested in working in a museum after finishing your M.A. or Ph.D. program?  Join Christina Olsen (B.A.

Jeanne Gang

Join acclaimed architect and urban visionary Jeanne Gang for a three-lecture series in April 2018.

Additional details about the lecture series and registration will be available in January 2018. Please refer to the event website for updated information.