PhD candidate Catalina Ospina wins inaugural Thoma Fellowship

Sixth year PhD candidate Catalina Ospina was awarded one of two pre-doctoral $45,000 fellowships from the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation to advance her dissertation work on the native Andean image-making technique mopa-mopa, commonly called barniz de Pasto. Based in Chicago, the Thoma Foundation awarded a total of $159,000 to fellowships and research grants for six scholars of Spanish colonial art, the first grants dedicating unrestricted funds to scholars of colonial Spanish American art and history.

"Double Edges: Scissors and Paper in Romanticism"

Presented by the Department of Germanic Studies:

Catriona MacLeod
University of Pennsylvania, Editor, Word & Image
Lecture: "Double Edges: Scissors and Paper in Romanticism"

Drawn from Professor MacLeod's current book project, Romantic Scraps: Cutouts, Collages, and Inkblots, "Double Edges" highlights the cryptic and often violent potency of papercuts by female artists associated with bourgeois salons. This alongside Karl Varnhagen von Ense's 1814 essay "Vom Ausschneiden."