Yuri Tsivian


Yuri Tsivian earned his PhD in film studies from the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema in Leningrad in 1984. He is the author of numerous publications on Russo-Soviet and world cinema. In addition to his many journal articles, he has created electronic media materials and has published several books, including Silent Witnesses: Russian Films, 1908-1919 (1989), Early Cinema in Russia and its Cultural Reception (1994), and Ivan the Terrible (2002).  Tsivian speaks Polish, French, and German in addition to English and his native Russian and Latvian, and teaches in the Departments of Slavic Languages & Literature, Comparative Literature, Art History, and Cinema & Media Studies.


Lines of Resistance: Dziga Vertov and the Twenties


“Man with a Movie Camera, Reel One: a Selective Glossary,” in Film Studies: An International Review Issue 2 (Spring 2000)


“Homeless Images: D.W.Griffith in the Eye of Soviet Filmmakers,” Griffithiana 60/61 (October 1997)




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